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Frequently Asked Questions About Chick Pro's Family of Farm Management Software


Get answers to the top questions you have about using Chick Pro. 

  • How is Chick Pro different than other poultry software?
    Chick Pro is a user-friendly broiler management software designed by a long-time poultry grower. It contains exactly what you need to effectively manage your flocks without unnecessary options not relevant on a broiler grower level.
  • How will this software benefit my business?
    Chick Pro Broiler Management Software has everything you need to effectively manage your broiler farm. Chick Pro Broiler Management Software will help you to make the right decisions by comparing flock to flock data to see whether what you are doing is profitable for you. Are you tired of replacing feeder motors or other parts and not remembering what you have changed and haven’t? There is a farm maintenance entry and tracking that will eliminate the confusion. Quickly detect water consumption fluctuations.
  • Is your software user friendly?
    Yes, it is. Chick Pro Broiler Management Software offers the convenience of using our Mobile Access Data Entry feature. The option lets you manually enter the daily data into the software using an easy default data entry system, making the data entry very user-friendly and speedy.
  • Can I backup my data?
    Yes, you can. Chick Pro has a one-click save option available for backups.
  • Can you add multiple farms?
    Yes, you can. With Chick Pro Broiler Management Software, you can add as many farms as you would like. It also stores each farm data file separately. This means that if you sell one of your farms, the buyer can take data exclusively for that farm.
  • Does Chick Pro integrate with any controllers?
    Chick Pro has the feature to collect data from any controller file.
  • Does Chick Pro work with Mac Operating System or iPads?
    The Mobile Data Entry system for Broiler Grow will work on any device. The software is only compatible with the Windows Operating System.
  • Is there any Mobile application for Data entry?
    Yes! Chick Pro's Broiler Grow Software now offers mobile data entry. Enjoy the convenience of data entry directly from your phone.
  • How do I know if I have the latest version of Chick Pro or if there is an update available?
    After launching the software, if you look on the top of the screen it will say Chick Pro and then the version following. If the version number is smaller than the version number listed in the download section of the website, than there is an update available for download.
  • When downloading the Chick Pro, it only takes about 5 seconds and it’s done. And when running the ChickProSetup.exe it does not install the new version."
    It’s possible that it is caching, When downloading, please clear Cache history in your browser. For info how to clear browser history click on this link.
  • Are your software reports customizable?
    Yes, they are, upon request. We will customize reports on an integrator level, at no additional cost.
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