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Fresh Eggs

We’re redefining poultry management software, for the better

Our Egg Trac Software is specifically designed for managing egg-laying flocks, whether your farm is a caged or cage-free farm, Egg Trac will ease the process of managing poultry.


Egg Trac

Simplifying the way commercial egg farmers manage poultry in a variety of ways

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Egg production is a complex and ever-changing industry

As agriculture modernizes, so do the tools that farmers use. Our goal at Chick Pro is to equip commercial egg farmers with technology to help simplify their poultry production.

To learn more about Egg Trac and how it can benefit your egg and poultry production give us a call at 270-227-1302 or email


Feed Management

Egg Trac helps commercial egg farmers track feed grain production and feed consumption reporting. It allows farmers to manage feed recipes, and track ingredients, and nutrient costs. Additionally, farmers can compare the costs of feed production compared to the output of eggs.


Hen Production Management

Egg Farmers can track water consumption,  the cost per chicken, and the cost per egg, and set & track egg prices. Compare overhead costs of feed production compared to the output of eggs.


Bird Health

Easily track the overall health and production of the hen. From tracking the hen’s weight to the hen’s vaccination records. 


Poultry Finance Management

We’ve turned the tedious task of financial management on its back. Track and manage your weekly, monthly, yearly expenses and billing. Egg Trac allows you to see detailed expense summaries and invoice customers.

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