Chick Pro's Broiler Grow Software is the Best Management Tool for Broiler Growers

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Download Chick Pro today and get instant access to resources that will help you manage your broiler chicken farm. Easy data entry, projected weights by flock and houses, flock performance reports, and more!  Our user-friendly interface covers everything from housing day-old chicks to the sale of birds.

Easy daily data entry- Using a default entry system, automatically selects current Flock, House, Day/Age for quick and easy entry! 
  • ​Enter notes for each individual day.

  • Enter notes for each house.

  • Enter notes for each flock.

  • Enter notes for the farm.

  • View all these notes in charts for comparing current and historical flock.

 Projected Weights
  • By current flock

  • By current houses

Track history flock information for comparisons
Add Multiple Farms that use separate data files!
And much more!
Reports and charts for the following:
  • Water-Charts by house and multiple flocks for comparison.

  • Weekly mortality charts.

  • Feed- Charts by house and multiple flocks for comparison.

  • Feed inventory report with the option to share feed bins to multiple houses and the ability to setup Group Houses for feed inventory reports. 

  • Temp, Light, Water Treatment Schedules- Charts by house and multiple flocks for comparison.

  • Mortality- Charts by house and multiple flocks for comparison.

  • Flock performance report.

  • Flock comparison report.

  • Departure Schedule

"Comparing data from flock to flock is essential for a successful Broiler Farmer, and Chick Pro's Broiler Grow software supports & helps automate these processes.”