Poultry Management Software

to Improve Record Keeping, Decision Making, & Profits for

Broiler Growers & Egg Farmers

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Poultry farm software developed specifically for broiler and egg farmers.

Chick Pro's software suite is packed full of the features you need most, including reports customized for every integrator. All served with a user-friendly interface so you can manage your data input efficiently and quickly.


No Bin Scales or No Controllers? No Problem!! Chick Pro even has the capability to calculate feed consumptions from feed delivery tickets using recorded bin openings.

Chick Pro's Broiler Grow and Egg Trac software include everything you need to properly manage your farm and increase profitability.

  ✔ Designed for less input and more output!

  ✔ Custom reports for every integrator!

  ✔ Easy enough for a computer novice!

Chick Pro is family-owned. Serving the poultry industry since 1986.

Experience makes a difference when it comes to the proper management and profitability of each flock. James Yoder, the founder of Chick Pro, knows this first hand because he has several decades of experience running poultry farms. He grew up on a broiler farm. As a young lad, James worked as a farm manager in both the laying and broiler industry. Later he constructed his own broiler farm in Murray, Kentucky, which he still currently operates. 

"After trying many different techniques to maximize the output of each flock, I soon realized I needed a better way to manage the data from each of these variables. I set out to develop software to manage and track poultry data. After several years of developing Chick Pro, I decided to market the software, because others were seeing what a useful tool it was in the broiler industry."

James Yoder, Chick Pro 

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